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Everything You Need To Know about The Music To Help You Sleep

Everyone has a unique way of drifting off to sleep. Some like to listen to their favourite album, while some prefer to listen to white noise and yet others prefer a random 12-hour audio clip ‘For Sleep’ on Soundcloud.

Another misinterpreted consensus akin to the above is that lullabies are only for babies. In reality, lullabies provide efficient sleep therapy for adults too! Moreover, having adequate sleep is necessary to keep your body and mind healthy not only for the day, but also for your entire lifespan! Boons and banes of sleeping are solely dependent on your choice of how deep you are ready to sleep, in the first place!


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What is Music for Sleep?

How do you define sleep? Is it an active or inactive state? Unlike the popular view, sleep is not just a switched off state. In fact, sleep is a highly active state. Of all the daytime interactions of the millions of neurons and their zapping electricity rate with the brain, nighttime interactions are tenfold more active! These are called the brain wave interactions. Our brain waves change with respect to our emotions and activities we indulge in.

Sleep therapy involves using these soothing sound waves such as lullabies and nature sounds to create an optimum setup for the distressed or somnipathy minds to relax faster and drift off to sleep. There are many types of music therapies, which involve connecting a person, act or feeling with a soothing music to rehabilitate or calm the stressed mind.
When you listen to specifically designed music for sleep, your brain relaxes. It also alleviates addresses and resolves the psychological and physical stress that adds to your poor circadian rhythm and somnipathy. Just as we wake up from sleep when a noise is heard, sleep music creates rhythmic noises to drown the disturbances and keep us asleep.

Enjoy non interrupted sleep for one full hour!!! For this sleep music therapy session you will be able to choose from a variety of options. You can choose instrumental music, sounds of the beach, white noise, thunder storms, and nightly sounds.

It is important to do the following to fully enjoy the experience:

1. Wear something comfortable

2. Silent your phone off completely


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