Nail Restoration Treatment

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Do you have embarrassing nail fungus? Did you get it from non clean nail spas? Did you get it from having your feet in an on going sweating environment? The truth of the matter is, toe nail fungus is extremely difficult to treat and even the best treatments have less than stellar results, particularly when the infection is severe. Research has shown that the best likelihood of obtaining a cure is to begin treatment very early and at the first signs of infection.

There are currently two types of treatment approved by the FDA for treating fungal nail infections: oral and topical. The traditional option that has shown the best success rate is Lamisil, an oral prescription medication. It has about a 50% cure rate, but it also has unpleasant and potentially serious side effects. Permanent liver damage is one such side effect. Prescription medications must also be used for extended periods of time and often interferes with other commonly used medications, such as antibiotics and antidepressants.

Using our all natural polish treatment has less side effects than chemicals. We have had many success testimonies regarding this treatment and we are very excited to help many others!

Again, we test all of our products on my team. I had a fungus growing on my left big toe and I immediately starting using the nail fungus treatment and saw results in as few as 3 days!

This treatment includes 3 sessions, 1 bottle (given at the end of 3rd session), 1 choice of polish.

Dont wait for the summer to start treatments, start NOW!


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