Ion Detox Machine Session




Soaking with herbal salt is the most beneficial and cheap way to relax your feet and your body. However, do you wanna experience one more luxury and effective way for relaxing and getting rid of toxin out of the body? You may be familiar with the soaking process with salt and its advantages. This ionic foot detox will bring the user more than that. It is a machine, where users put their feet into soaking through the ionizing process. Through the moving of negative and positive ions in your body, this machine helps in removing toxic and improves your health.

Knowing that ionic foot machine soaks your foot by transmitting the negative and positive ion to the body, it brings many benefits to your health. Some of its are as follow:

Remove the toxin chemical out of your body

This machine removes the toxin chemicals from the body through your feet by the negative ionic increase.

Improve the quality of sleep

Improve the circulation blood from the foot to the top of your body, therefore, improve the quality of sleep

When you add the water into the ionic foot detox machine bath, the water will be split into H+ and OH-. Through the ionizing process, these negative ion (OH-) and positive ions (H+) will enter your body through the pore of your feet.

After entering the body, these ions will be transported throughout the body by the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The OH- ion will balance the ion in the cell and push the toxins out of the body through the normal process such as urination and sweating.

During this session, you will get a quick assessment of your feet (feeling for knots, abnormalities, etc.) massaging the feet to get the blood to flow, making it easier for the ion detox machine to do its work! Then the detox ion session will last 30 minutes. Finally, you will get a rinse of choice of oil fragrance. The entire session should be around 35- 40minutes.

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE/PREP: Please wear comfortable clothing. Loose pants that can be rolled up. Eat before your session to ensure your blood sugar is higher (snacks given if needed). Drink plenty of water (water given if needed).


*Please be aware that we can not accept clients with the following medical conditions:


One of the triggers that causes a seizure is low blood sugar. The ion detox machine will take out sugar.

-diabetes type 1

Since the ion detox machine will be detoxing then that will include all medicines, vitamins, and sugar. We do not want your blood sugar to drop during this session.

-electrically active implants such as pacemakers, defibrillators, spinal stims, etc.

People with organ/tissue transplants should NOT use ionic foot spas at all. The reasoning behind this, is that a transplanted organ/tissue is technically not part of your body and could be identified as an “invader” by the ions which would try to “fix” the organ/tissue by attempting to flush it out.

-pregnancy or nursing

The reasoning behind this is similar to organ transplants in that technically, the child is not part of your body and could be identified as an “invader” by the ions which would try to “fix” the organ/tissue. For nursing reasons, you would not want the detoxing materials to transfer to the newborn.


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