Coffee Body Scrub

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Bella Holistic Spa’s Coffee Body Scrub is the best hand-made scrub you’ll find out there. Made from shea butter, coffee grains, coconut oil and sugar, our Coffee Scrub is made to make the skin healthy, moisturized and the tones even.

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Our Cofee Body Scrub is the best hand made coffee scrub you’ll get that skin tone even, moisturized, and healthy. The Coffee body scrubs with no additives, but all-natural homemade ingredients (coffee grains, shea butter, coconut oil, and sugar) blended, having all types of skins in mind, to help exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin, increases healthier skin, and leaves your skin tone even.

Spotlight on Ingredients in Coffee Body Scrub:

Shea Butter – helps to soothe and tone the skin. A natural ingredient for moisturizing the skin, serving as a remedy to dry skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps protect the skin from UV rays.

Coffee grains – helps with anti-aging, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, reduces cellulite, and protects the skin against ultra-violet (UV) rays.

Coconut Oil – is the most famous organic product in the world, it softens and hydrates the skin, helps even the skin tone, reduces skin pores, helps in healing wounds, helps treat acne,

Sugar – protects the skin against toxins, maintains oil balance in the skin, helps in hydrating the skin, by drawing moisture from the environment, also softens the skin leaving your skin as fresh as that of a newborn baby.

Our Cofee Body Scrubs are 100% natural.


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